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Celebration of Navios’ 60th Anniversary

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (NYSE: NM), led by Chairman and CEO Angeliki Frangou, members of the company’s leadership team and guests, Mr. Luis Almagro, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, and Mr. Mario Bergara, Minister of Economy and Finance of Uruguay, visited the New York Stock Exchange and rang The Closing Bell® to highlight the company’s 60th anniversary on February 19th 2014. Navios was incorporated in 1954 as a wholly owned subsidiary of US Steel. Since the IPO in 2005, Ms. Frangou has expanded the Navios Group, founding two more NYSE-listed companies and one private logistics company in Uruguay. Navios has achieved significant growth metrics, including, 581% fleet capacity growth; $8.7 billion of debt and equity raised; 1,483% market cap increase and 915% increase in enterprise value.